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We recently lost a revered leader in the veterans’ community, Dennis Rhoades. Dennis was the executive director of the Agent Orange Class Assistance Program. The program was part of the settlement for the Agent Orange class action suit heard in the New York federal district.

COVER was a recipient of funding under that program. Mr. Rhoades had the vision to provide needed services to veterans and their families across the United States. Unlike so many programs that suddenly receive large sums of funding, Dennis ensured all the programs were well managed and maintained financial integrity. He accomplished this without being intrusive or overbearing. His leadership was quiet yet effective.

COVER was able to bring to life programs that we had only dreamed of, but never had the funding to implement.

Our programs included a pioneer TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) program, our Partnership Program and our services to children. Under Dennis’ leadership, COVER reached out to every family with a child who had an Agent Orange disability and/or birth defect. There were over six thousand (6,000) children. Dennis and his team were always available when needed. COVER as all the other programs were doing ground breaking work and we deeply appreciated all the support and encouragement received every step of the way.

Dennis Rhoades exemplified leadership at its finest.

Please accept our final salute to Dennis Rhoades...

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