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"I was a nurse in Vietnam in 1968, and for twenty years I tried to keep my grief at bay and to function as a nurse, wife and mother. My unresolved grief and anger were taking over my life, and I did not know what to do.

I just knew that something was wrong, and I was so blessed to find COVER. Mary counseled me back to good mental health as she encouraged me to share my experiences and my feelings,  and that changed my life on every level.  She helped me get my life back. I honestly cannot imagine what my life would be like had I not found COVER. I am a very grateful recovering veteran."

"I served as an infantry soldier in Afghanistan (2002) and Iraq (2003). I have PTSD. I have been receiving treatment at COVER for years.

COVER provides a quality of treatment that the VA health care isn't equipped or willing to provide. [COVER] provides much more than counseling. They show a genuine dedication to combat veterans that reflect their experience treating us since the Vietnam war. 

Apart from consistent quality counseling, COVER has provided me with the following:

  • VA claims assistance

  • Special events for veteran holidays

  • Financial assistance in emergency cases

  • Networking with other veterans organizations

  • Legal assistance

  • Periodic food provisions

I wish all veterans who genuinely have PTSD could receive treatment of this quality."​

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