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Veterans who have received treatment from COVER demonstrate better physical health, require fewer hospitalizations, have fewer legal problems, have lower suicide rates, and enjoy improved family and social relationships.
  • COVER has quietly been an incubator for the specialized care of high combat stress veterans for decades.

  • COVER introduced the concept of the high incidence of brain injury in combat veterans in the late 1980's.

  • COVER accentuated the suicide risk of combat veterans to the VA in a protracted dispute which culminated in a settlement and shortly thereafter, the VA announced their "Suicide Helpline".

  • Over the last three decades COVER has developed a treatment program that is effective in lowering symptoms of PTSD and enhancing the quality of life for these veterans and their families.


Children of men who were drafted and served in Vietnam reportedly earn less and are less likely to have jobs (reported in "A Major New Finding About the Impact of Having a Dad Who was Drafted to Vietnam", Washington Post, January 15 2016). In contrast, the majority of children of COVER veteran clients are thriving.

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